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Food Network


Host Joey Fatone challenges three chefs to recreate and reinvent America’s most beloved snack foods in the ultimate sweet tooth’s competition. Airs monday nights at 8/7c.

Food Network


Spend a fun and food-filled morning in The Kitchen with hosts Katie Lee, Sunny Anderson, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcela Valladolid, and Jeff Mauro. These five talented food experts bring delicious recipes and fun conversation into The Kitchen every week. Set in a casual and comfy kitchen-living room, The Kitchen is a fresh, new take on the cooking show, as our hosts cook, have fun, and offer up tips and tricks everyone watching needs to know.



What does your dream room look like? Whether it’s a classic living room or sumptuously romantic bedroom, HGTV designer Sabrina Soto is going to make lucky homeowners’ design dreams reality, where budget is no issue — yet. Sabrina will reveal their dream room, then the fun begins. She will now mimic this exact look that fits the couple’s budget. Piece by piece, Sabrina and her team will create smart, high-value replacements. Some of the original high-end pieces will stay as the best rooms splurge on some items and save on others. The final room and its price tag are then revealed.



Sabrina Soto shows how to make wedding bouquets, invitations, sashes, and more with a high-end look. Check out these bite-sized videos for tips and tricks on how to make your day special and personalized, all while saving money.



Sandra Lee is looking for inspiration, so she’s heading to famous restaurants across the country to sample the most renowned and decadent dishes. While there, her mission is to charm their chefs into telling her all their secrets, so she can teach you how to remake incredible restaurant dishes at home. She’ll make the astonishing attainable, the exotic easy, and the remarkable, relatable – on Sandra’s Restaurant Remakes.


QUEST FOR THE FRESH with Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson is out to push culinary boundaries and encourage edible exploration with her new special, Quest for the Fresh. Her goal: to find and cook with ingredients when their flavor has reached its pinnacle. As Claire climbs the food pyramid, the journey will get a little dicey… with swarms of bees, herds of angry ostriches and the forces of mother nature all standing in her way. But since she can stand the heat, Claire’s getting out of the kitchen and creating the most flavorful bites, in the most unlikely places.